Management team

VBA Real Estate Socimi combines an outsourced management structure, through the Company VBA Real Estate Asset Management 3000, S.L. (the Management Company), but employs its own staff in the finance, property management, marketing and technical departments. VBA Real Estate Socimi has designated the Management Company as the exclusive manager for an initial period of 5 years (from 15 April 2015), extendable for additional periods of 3 years, with an exclusivity commitment from the Management Company.

The management team and Directors comprise professionals who previously served at several major firms (McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, PwC and Apex Partners) with extensive experience in the technical field (property development, refurbishment), as well as in the areas of finance, regulatory matters, valuation and real estate asset management. We have a diverse and complementary range of profiles and extensive knowledge of the Spanish and international real estate and financial markets.

The management team is responsible for managing the portfolio of assets under ownership; identifying investment opportunities; and leading purchase processes; as well as for supervising the management of the assets with the ultimate goal of maximising the operating efficiency and returns of each property.


Fernando Acuña
Chairman of the Board
Juan M. Soldado Huertas
Vice Chairman of the Board
Fabrizio Agrimi
General Director
Alberto García de Novales
Finance Director